Why Mentors Matter & How They Influence Success with Lucy Lloyd

In this episode, we chat with Lucy Lloyd, co-founder, and COO of Australian startup Mentorloop, about why mentors matter in the digital age, the importance of integrity, and tips for connecting with others. 

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About Lucy Lloyd

Lucy Lloyd has been running strategy for leading global brands for over 10 years, managing the development of hundreds of digital campaigns, websites, apps and SaaS products. She’s taken leadership roles in development and creative agencies from London to Melbourne, with experience in project management, product design, data & analytics, and digital comms.

Lucy eventually went “all in” in her own business, Mentorloop, co-founding with Heidi Holmes. Mentorloop helps companies effortlessly build a mentoring culture for a more engaged, connected and productive business.

Six months after their commercial launch Mentorloop acquired multiple happy clients across the enterprise, education, govt and not-for-profit, and ambitions to make mentor relationships better, easier, and more accessible to all, thus helping to make mentoring more mainstream.

“No person is a success by themselves. It’s the support network around them that builds that success.” ~Lucy Lloyd

Episode Summary

  • Why mentors are important in today’s digital age
  • How to find great mentors within your community and networks
  • How Mentorloop raised $300K in their first round and got accepted into one of Australia’s best startup accelerators (Startmate)
  • Challenges of moving from corporate to startup and what to look out for
  • The story of how Mentorloop lost its first customer and lessons learned
  • The untold stories of startup life and why they need to be told
  • Tips for connecting authentically with others

So sit back, relax, and get ready for the show…

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