E03 – Multitasking, Productivity & Tim Ferris

Show Notes:
– Daily scrum (see video or email)
– Remember to check out L-Fresh The Lion (brotha who gave me permission to use his track for my show) over at www.l-fresh.com
– For more positive productivity, check out iDoneThis
– Improve your productivity with the Productivity Planner (you can even download their PDF for free and print out yourself, but if you want the actual journal, I suggest you buy it!)


… as inspired by Tim Ferris

What’s the one thing you got done today that made you feel accomplished? 

E02 – The Lion, Engaging People & Oprah Winfrey

Show Notes:
– Daily scrum (see video or email)
– Check out L-Fresh The Lion over at www.l-fresh.com
– The tribe speaks and I answer (thanks @djmainevent and @cjcanters)

– It takes ages to put together video, edit it, then upload! Man. If you have any tips on how to make the process faster, I’m all ears.
– Reduced my video from around 7 mins to 5. Even then, quite difficult squeezing everything that I want into those 5 mins. The reason I’m trying to reduce the time is so that I can get on with passing on “the wisdom”.
– I learned from a podcast between John Lee Dumas and Amy Porterfield, that show notes are the blog extensions of podcasts. So I thought I’d try it out that format for this part of the content. Let me know your thoughts.


IWC Quote 3

… as inspired by Oprah Winfrey who visited Melbourne last night on December 2, 2015.

Are your surrounded by the right people? Or is time to find a new community? Comment below 🙂

E01: Welcome, Stage Setting & Moral Responsibility

– posted job hunt ebook on social media
– heard back from a company to schedule an interview in Sydney
– client followups

– schedule job interview in Sydney
– come up with new strategy for job hunt (weekly focus)
– finish up current client work

– timing


IWC Quote 2

… as inspired by Mark & Priscilla’s Letter to Max on Facebook today. Well worth the read!

What’s your moral obligation? Comment below 🙂