E04 – How To Face Your Shadow Self Like A Ninja Master

In today’s episode, we look a bit inward at the “shadow self.” We analyse two scenes from animated episodes of Star Wars and Japanese anime Naruto to see how and why this is something to look at at least once in your lifetime!

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E01 – Culture, Entrepreneurship & Resilience with Brett Leavy

Show Notes:
Today’s episode is a bit different! Since it’s a Saturday here in Melbourne, Australia, you’re getting an interview with Brett Leavy, General Manager of National Indigenous Radio Services (NIRS) and creator of the game Virtual Warrane 2.

In this interview, we discuss his 20-year journey preserving indigenous culture, his entrepreneurial ventures, and the importance of resilience in pursuing your “life mission.”

We’re still finding our rhythm, so look forward to getting your feedback in our Sunday review of what worked, what didn’t, this week on the It Will Come show. We have many more interviews lined up for the new year, so stay tuned!


Brett Leavy. It Will Come. Show.

… as inspired by Brett Leavy.

What’s your life mission?

E03 – Multitasking, Productivity & Tim Ferris

Show Notes:
– Daily scrum (see video or email)
– Remember to check out L-Fresh The Lion (brotha who gave me permission to use his track for my show) over at www.l-fresh.com
– For more positive productivity, check out iDoneThis
– Improve your productivity with the Productivity Planner (you can even download their PDF for free and print out yourself, but if you want the actual journal, I suggest you buy it!)


… as inspired by Tim Ferris

What’s the one thing you got done today that made you feel accomplished? 

E02 – The Lion, Engaging People & Oprah Winfrey

Show Notes:
– Daily scrum (see video or email)
– Check out L-Fresh The Lion over at www.l-fresh.com
– The tribe speaks and I answer (thanks @djmainevent and @cjcanters)

– It takes ages to put together video, edit it, then upload! Man. If you have any tips on how to make the process faster, I’m all ears.
– Reduced my video from around 7 mins to 5. Even then, quite difficult squeezing everything that I want into those 5 mins. The reason I’m trying to reduce the time is so that I can get on with passing on “the wisdom”.
– I learned from a podcast between John Lee Dumas and Amy Porterfield, that show notes are the blog extensions of podcasts. So I thought I’d try it out that format for this part of the content. Let me know your thoughts.


IWC Quote 3

… as inspired by Oprah Winfrey who visited Melbourne last night on December 2, 2015.

Are your surrounded by the right people? Or is time to find a new community? Comment below 🙂

E01: Welcome, Stage Setting & Moral Responsibility

– posted job hunt ebook on social media
– heard back from a company to schedule an interview in Sydney
– client followups

– schedule job interview in Sydney
– come up with new strategy for job hunt (weekly focus)
– finish up current client work

– timing


IWC Quote 2

… as inspired by Mark & Priscilla’s Letter to Max on Facebook today. Well worth the read!

What’s your moral obligation? Comment below 🙂