Community Manifesto

Everyone should write down their own manifesto (click here to see the episode that inspired this post), even if just for fun. We think it’s pretty important for letting future members know what we’re about and what we stand for, so here’s ours (a work in progress):

Drive forward, but have patience

We believe in patience, persistence, and momentum, when it comes to pursuing worthy goals or dreams. In almost every compelling story, these elements are usually present. As a result, we often hark on about the importance of developing resilience in life, so that no matter how or when you get knocked, you have the will to carry on. We’re suckers for underdog stories, or ones where people overcome overwhelming odds, because they’re the most motivational (in our opinion).

Have faith, trust the process

When we speak of faith, we’re not referring to religious faith or any dogmas. We take on the definition of faith as a deep, inner-knowing. Trusting the process without knowing the exact end outcome. Taking each day, or step, at a time with faithful conviction.

No matter what, just show up

Persistence. This is cultivated by learning how to “show up” in life. Feeling tired? Show up. Got a lot going on in your life? Show up. When you want something, you show up. When you show up, opportunity and luck find their way to you, instead of you having to go chasing for it.

Unity through diversity

We value and celebrate people’s differences. We believe our strength as a collective comes from leveraging each other’s strengths, and they will be different in each individual. Together, we are more than just the sum of our parts.

All for one, one for all

There is a famous quote from the Three Musketeers, “All for one, one for all”. It’s similar to the Rupyard Kipling quote, “The strength of the pack is the wolf. The strength of the wolf is the pack.” It means that no one is more or less important. We fight for one, we fight for all. Everyone matters, it’s just that there will be times where one might be more important than others, or others may be more important than the one.

Pay it forward

We first heard about this amongst Silicon Valley veterans, but it’s something that is extremely useful in any community. Paying it forward is simply about helping others out, without expectation. Someone connects you to someone important, make sure you connect the next person with another who may help them. Pay it forward.

Always be shipping

As Steve Jobs said, “Real artists ship.” This means that when you’re looking to keep up momentum, constantly “ship” (deliver) at more frequent, regular intervals. Analysis paralysis is a real danger, and this is why we emphasize the importance of generating and capitalizing on momentum.

If there’s a will, there’s a way

Hopefully this is self-explanatory. There’s a book called “The Obstacle Is The Way”, and it’s a great stoic piece on changing your attitude towards blocks or challenges in life. Someone might tell you “no”, or “that’s impossible”. Well, if there’s a will, and you’re extremely determined to achieve something, there’s always a way.

Freedom through self-discipline

Optimus Prime (yes, we’re using him) once said, “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.” We whole-heartedly believe this, but understand that true freedom also requires great self-discipline. Without this, freedom can quickly turn into reckless abandonment or, in some cases, cause harm to others. True freedom requires self-discipline.

Treat your business as sacred

We believe that business was always meant to be sacred, like the planet. We believe that many of our problems today have occurred due to a disconnection of “sacredness” towards the environment around us. Questions are asked, “Is a tree alive? Or is it just a tree?” What you believe determines your reality, but if you were to believe that the tree was alive, would you treat it as if it were nothing or just something to be used or discarded? What if we could apply this thinking to business – would there be a greater sense of responsibility and care involved? We believe so.

Execution over ideas

“Ideas can change the world,” but not without action or execution. We are firm believers that everyone has ideas, but very few have the will or tenacity to execute on them well. Therefore, we stress the importance of ideas, but put more emphasis on the execution side. We believe in being productive, not just busy.