IWCF40 – How To Manage Change Like A Community Gardener From Happy Melly

In this episode, we chat with Patrick Verdonk, an IT business analyst for Nokia by day, and a Community Gardener at Happy Melly, a professional happiness association, by night.

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About Patrick Verdonk

As a Community Gardener at Happy Melly, Patrick loves keeping people happy. Welcoming and onboarding new members of the Happy Melly community; making sure they stay informed, encouraging conversation and sharing lots of great stuff. Organizer of Happy Melly Coffee sessions and experiments motivator.

Patrick was a Business Analyst and Change Facilitator in IT at Alcatel, Alcatel-Lucent and nowadays Nokia, where he’s spent the past 15 years on internal change projects in international, distributed (remote) teams.

“Change is happening all the time but, in corporations, it happens too slowly.”
“If money is off the table, you’ll find other things that motivate people.”
“People can only handle so much change at the same time.”

Episode Summary

  • What change management is
  • The difference between transformation and change
  • Measuring happiness and its effects on culture
  • Managing happiness within a distributed team
  • How to keep people motivated
  • How to measure change management efforts

So sit back, relax, and get ready for the show…

Links & Resources

Slack – real-time communication
Trello – project management – video conferencing
iDoneThis – simple task management
Bonusly – peer recognition

Happy Melly – the home of Patrick’s happiness and Happy Melly community

Connect with Patrick on LinkedIn.


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