What I Learned About The Future of A.I. From Slack, Salesforce & IBM

A summary of my key learnings from Slack’s recent event on how AI, machine learning, and automation will affect future workplaces. With guest speakers from Slack, Salesforce, and IBM. 

 My key learnings:

  • We went through an AI winter, now we’re in an AI “Spring”
  • Small AI (things that can drive productivity in the enterprise) vs Big AI (longer term outcomes like autonomous vehicles)
  • People are afraid that AI will destroy jobs, it will create new ones too
  • IBM Watson can be used to help make sense of data, so that they are meaningful, and also help automate more mundane tasks. This means workers need to shift themselves into higher value work.
  • The “consumerization of software” means that enterprise (who once used to be the ones with all the cool, latest tech) are now playing catch up.
  • Enterprise is currently very slow in keeping up to speed with consumer software/expectations, and this can be an issue. Need to stay ahead.
  • The reason consumers get things done faster is that they’re more connected. Enterprises are still quite siloed in their approach (and for obvious reasons). However, in order to catch up, they must increase their internal interoperability (ensure that all their internal software is set up for, or can, open and communicate their data to each other freely and easily).
  • Modern companies (like Slack) don’t even open up software packages like Salesforce anymore (or at least not as much), but they only need access to the data. Enterprises need to be aware of this behavior.

Special thanks again to the guys at Slack for the invite:

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