IWCF45 – Leadership, Security & Protecting Your Community with Mark Vos

In this episode, we sit down with Mark Vos, Chief Information Security Officer at IRESS. We discuss his unconventional career journey, authority vs leadership, protecting your community, online risk management, and the impact of AI on the future of security.

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👤 About Mark Vos

Mark Vos. It will come show. Mark Vos is the Chief Information Security Officer at IRESS, which is a global financial tech company that provides software solutions and services for the financial markets, wealth management and, more recently, mortgage lending sectors. Mark has over 20 years of Risk Management and Information Security experience, and has worked extensively in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, India, and the USA.

🎧 Episode Summary

  • Authority vs leadership? Making the transition from technical to leader
  • The definition of security from a chief executive’s perspective
  • How AI will impact the future of security
  • What you can do to prepare for a more secure future
  • The basics risks of being online and what to do to protect yourself
  • … and more!

🔥 Rapid Fire Questions

Favorite book?

The Holy Bible: New King James version. For Mark, The Bible (from a logical perspective) details a perfection to our world. Mark can’t accept that it all happened by pure coincidence. It seems like it was by design, as opposed to sheer coincidence. Curiosity led him to exploring The Bible because of this.

Favorite quote

“Think big.”

What do the words “it will come” mean to you?

'If you are really passionate about something, and there's a level of realism to it as well, it will come. ~Mark Vos @iress Click To Tweet

If you could choose any animal to be, what would you be and why?

Dog (Jack Russell).

Based on some quick Googling, the Jack Russell Terrier is a small dog with a particularly big attitude. When people talk of a small dog with a big dog attitude most of the time they are referring to this spunky terrier whose roots are in fox hunting. While it may be a small dog, the Jack Russell is a very adept hunting dog and uses its small size to its advantage. Despite this fact, however, it has earned a place in hearts of dog lovers everywhere.

From a symbolic level, an affinity with dogs generally says a lot about one’s ability to give and receive love. It also reflects a person who serves quietly in the backdrop, leaving others in the spotlight while the dog person supports success. From this position you can see everything that’s going on more clearly and stand watch for any trouble.

“This is no time for you to be nervous and/or lose control. Take a deep breath, make sure you are relaxed and then decide the direction you need to move in. Stay true to yourself.”

Any final piece of advice?

'Take a deep and keen interest in people.' ~Mark Vos Click To Tweet


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