IWCF34 – Community Building Wisdom from General Assembly with Garry Williams

In this episode, we sit down with Garry Williams, Partnerships Lead for General Assembly Australia, and a passionate and experienced brand collaborator and marketer. We talk all things career progression, community building, and relationship-building.

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Garry’s role at General Assembly entails exploring meaningful business development opportunities through strategic partnerships, with innovative companies and individuals throughout the tech, business and creative sectors.
Garry has plentiful experience in Digital Marketing and eCommerce marketing strategy and operations, covering everything from content marketing to local marketing activations, from advertising to SEO, and a long history of customer service experience. And when he’s not doing any of those things, you’ll find him running meetup groups and events, singing in bands, MC’ing events and much, much more!

Here are just a few things you’ll learn this episode:

  • Why community builders benefit from a diverse career history
  • Why physical location can be both a blessing and a curse in building professional communities
  • How to work both hard and smart when networking
  • Why Garry created F*ck Up Nights to help people be more comfortable with vulnerability
  • 3 key lessons in dealing with people

So sit back, relax, and get ready for the show…

Guest Favourites…

What’s your favorite book? The Misfit Economy: Lessons in Creativity from Pirates, Hackers, Gangsters & Informal Entrepreneurs. A book that argues that lessons in creativity, innovation, salesmanship, and entrepreneurship can come from surprising places: pirates, bootleggers, counterfeiters, hustlers, and others living and working on the margins of business and society.

What’s your favorite quote or motto? 

“Don’t give up. Never give up.”

What does “it will come” mean to you? Pay it forward. If you’re community-minded, and you invest yourself in the community, that investment will return in waves.

What animal would you choose and why?

Garry chose the jellyfish because “they’re bad-ass and glow.” The jellyfish symbolically reminds us to shine our light from within. As they move in harmony with the currents of the ocean, they show to us how to flow with the natural forces of life.

To learn more about the jellyfish’s symbolism click here.

What advice do you have for our listeners? 

“Go to where the action is to start [with community].” ~Garry Williams

Quotable Quotes

“Don’t give up. Never give up.”

Useful Links

General Assembly – General Assembly is a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills. The leading source for training, staffing, and career transitions, they foster a flourishing community of professionals pursuing careers they love.

F*ck Up Nights – Fuckup Nights is a global movement born in Mexico in 2012 to publicly share business failure stories. Hundreds of people attend each event to hear three to four entrepreneurs share their failures. Each speaker is given 7 minutes and is able to use 10 images. After each speaker, there’s a question/answer session, as well as time for networking.

Want to connect with Garry? You can connect with him via his website here.

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